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What Is Stone Siding?

Posted by Brent on
Types Of Siding

One of the most appealing options for homeowners wanting to raise both their house’s visual beauty and monetary value is the spectacular stone siding.

There’s just something striking and really cool when it comes to stone siding that will instantly lure someone’s attention to it. As a result, a ton of homeowners are wanting to expand their budget to include some type of stone into the outside of their houses.

Now obviously there’s a good explanation as to why houses with stone siding stand out much better than those that don’t. Of the different types of siding you can purchase for the exterior of your home, stone is likely the option used the least because of its rather large price tag when comparing it to other sidings available. Stone siding isn’t a very wallet-friendly option¬† when looking at it from both a material and labor viewpoint.

What Is Stone Siding

The type of stone used carries a considerably larger price point than traditional wood or even simple vinyl. Unfortunately, San Antonio Siding Contractors simply have no other option but to charge their customers more when this type of siding is selected. In addition, having your stone siding installed is an extremely complicated and time-consuming process that requires special skill.

How Do You Get Stone Siding Installed?

To get the job done correctly, our San Antonio siding contractor’s have to work pretty slow and carefully due to that fact that every stone has to be put in place piece by piece. To make matters worse, stone siding doesn’t do anything to aid in the insulation of your home. As a result, homeowners can get rid of any preconceived notion about added energy savings to help offset the price of installation.

On the contrary, there’s definitely something positive to say about the absolutely gorgeous and stunning appearance that comes from stone siding. Stone siding can also be purchased in many different colors and options. This allows homeowners to make an exterior for their home that’s unique to them.

The occasional homeowner is able to match their stone siding to a fancy, beautiful stone walkway or trim for an appearance that’s not only outstanding, but truly unique to that home. Picking the correct stonework can dramatically increase the value of someone’s house. Plus, in today’s highly competitive home market, there’s something major to be said about instantaneous curb appeal.

Can You Get The Price Of Stone Siding Lowered?

Due to the fact that cost is generally the biggest thing to hold one back from stone siding installation, a lot of siding contractors can offer those looking at this option a compromise. This comes in the form of partial stone fronts.

San Antonio Stone Siding

Getting both stone and vinyl together is a popular combination for the siding of ones home. They complement each other extremely well and also help the homeowner to get a great price that won’t break the bank or budget. Our great contractors will understand how to properly work in your budget so we can help you make a look that’s both unique and cost effective.

Keep in mind that stone siding isn’t the right pick for everyone. Even considering the option in the middle (partial stone siding), many homeowners often find themselves going over budget when it comes to this luxurious type of siding.

On the other hand, if you’re willing and financially able to spend a little more than planned, we recommend considering stone siding for your next home exterior project. You’ll likely spend a large chunk of change initially, but the reward will be a home unlike any other around you. You’ll completely understand that you’ve helped to make your very own piece of art.

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