What Is Brick Siding?

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As you go shopping for a new home, you may stumble on whole communities full of quaint homes that look like they’re made from solid-brick. Masonry definitely adds more value to a house due to its solid, durable reputation. On the other hands, a ton of brick houses constructed within the last 40 years aren’t really made from brick.

But how is this possible? Although solid-brick houses are definitely solid structures, they’re also extremely expensive and require a lot of labor. As a result, to get the completed look of a brick house without all of the labor, people came up with brick veneer siding.

What’s Different Between Brick & Brick Veneer Siding?

Most importantly, it’s not a structural part of the house. Real brick houses are made block-upon-block to provide support for the home. Brick veneer siding is held up by the home itself. It’s real masonry, but similar to any other type of siding, it’s simply one layer on top of the original wooden framework of one’s home.

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Using small metal ties, this fake brick is up on the side of a house. This allows for a little gap of air to form between the exterior wall already there and the new exterior façade.

The simplest method to find the difference is to find out when the home was constructed. If it was made in the last forty years, there’s a decent chance it’s not real, solid brick. Also, take a peek at the masonry pattern. Real brick siding will run horizontal, with the occasional row where the blocks are installed in a way where you can only see their ends. This different crisscross pattern guarantees strong structural integrity.

Plus, around window panes, there’s going to be reinforced arches with the blocks facing into the house to help reinforce the opening. But, on the other hand, brick veneer siding will usually run lengthwise because they don’t provide the home with any structural integrity.

Why Would You Want Brick Veneer Siding?

Brick veneer siding still keeps a bunch of the positives of real brick. Like any masonry, it’s strong and fire resistant, which can usually save you a bit of cash on your insurance premiums. You won’t ever have to paint, stain, or maintain the outside of your home.

What Is Brick Siding

On top of that, masonry is an excellent way to give natural insulation to fight against the hot and cold days throughout the year. But, brick veneer siding is actually an even better insulator than real brick due to the fact that it traps air in the gaps between the two outside walls. It also enables you to install extra insulation in the stud cavities of the home’s original framework, allowing you to save more money on your bills.

Although the masonry itself won’t fall apart as there’s a small gap between the two walls, it’s still possible for moisture to get trapped and cause issues. Special things are made called weep holes to ventilate this gap. Additionally, because brick is porous, water can leak between the block and mortar, causing damage to your house’s exterior when it rains.

So, when installed, a water-resistant layer has to be put over the home’s original framework to prevent moisture from building up and stop mold from infiltrating your home.

Make Sure To Call Experts For This Type Of Siding

If you’re wanting to install this siding by yourself, it’s highly advisable to hold off from doing that. You may believe it’ll be easy at first because you’re not messing with the actual framework of the house, but as we said before, in a round about way you’re still changing the home’s original exterior. Additionally, it’s still brick, meaning you’re adding significant weight to the foundation.

Masonry jobs require specific construction and calculation. This includes thinking about your geographical location, your weather conditions, and the kind of ground you’ll be building on. Plus, you may be required to pass certain zoning codes if your home is in an area that has frequent earthquakes. So, though it may cost a little bit more, always talk to our professional San Antonio Siding Contractor when it comes to installing any type of brick siding.

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