What Is Metal Siding?

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For a long time, aluminum/metal siding has been a popular choice for homeowners who are trying to protect the siding of their houses. Aluminum siding comes with a good amount of advantages to consider when looking at this type of siding. It’s a pretty strong material that’s capable of standing up to extreme weather without taking very much damage or being ripped off the house.

Aluminum is also a material that’s fairly easy to be maintained. Occasionally power washing the siding will usually make it look as good as new. This makes aluminum siding an appealing option for homeowners who don’t have much time or patience for taking care of the siding.

On the contrary, metal siding has a bunch of downsides to be considered. There are a lot of siding companies that are discouraging homeowners from selecting it as the new siding for their home. Below, we’ve listed some of the main reasons that a lot of siding manufacturers are discouraging the use of metal siding.

It’s Outdated And Overpriced For What You Get

Many homeowners and siding companies agree that, when comparing it with the looks of other siding materials, aluminum siding just looks a bit outdated. Some people say that an aluminum exterior looks too harsh and it’s very inviting when put on peoples houses. In fact, homeowners have recently been replacing aluminum siding with vinyl for a softer, more welcoming look.

What Is Metal Siding

Aluminum siding is used more nowadays for those who want their big garages or sheds to be resided in something strong. It’s becoming a material used more for these types of buildings rather than on your expensive home that you want to look inviting to those coming to visit.

Aluminum is also one of the more expensive materials to use when it comes to getting new siding. When you consider that the look of aluminum is becoming more and more outdated and unpopular for homes by the minute, it’s a bit of a mystery why anyone would choose to pay top dollar. Generally-speaking, this siding just looks worse than its cheaper counterparts despite still providing great protection. On top of this, the appeal of a low maintenance siding is starting to fade away. More and more homeowners are finding themselves having to paint their aluminum siding as the sun fades the current paint over time.

Difficult To Install When Compared To Other Sidings

Big sheets of aluminum is heavy, making it difficult for San Antonio Siding Contractors to handle and cut. As a result, aluminum takes longer to be installed than other kinds of siding available. This adds to the overall cost of labor for the siding to be installed. It’s also one of the hardest siding materials to repair when extensive damage has been caused.

Aluminum Siding For Your Home

While not all types of siding provide insulation, aluminum provides just about as little insulation as possible. Aluminum, in its natural form, isn’t an insulator and lets heat escape with ease. While non-insulated vinyl siding might not keep in the warmth as well as you’d want, it would still be more effective than aluminum at keeping in the heat during cold winter days. Even aluminum siding that has some insulation provides little relief from the cold. Due to the nature of aluminum, it just doesn’t do a very good job when it comes to keeping your home warm.

With all of the modern, complex siding options available in today’s market, there’s not a reason to go with aluminum unless you happen to truly love it and find yourself drawn to it. Keep in mind that aluminum is also an excellent option for siding on your garages or sheds. While some contractors might advise against aluminum, there are few companies that will refuse to install it. As long as you understand what you’re getting into, you can go ahead and ask us for aluminum siding. Just remember that if you choose it for your home, you’ll likely regret it down the road.

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