What Is Stucco Siding?

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If you’ve ever stumbled on a home that appeared to be covered in cement or clay, chances are it likely had stucco siding. It’s an ancient building material primarily utilized by the ancient Greeks more than a millennia ago. Stucco is an ancient form of siding, and it’s still one of the best options for homeowners to choose from today. Granted, it’s a lot more advanced now and has been modernized when comparing it to what the Greeks used to use.

What’s Stucco Siding Manufactured From?

This siding is a mix of Portland cement, sand, and water. These 3 different materials mixed together create an extremely strong substance that hardens into a tough, rock-like texture that can be smooth or rough, depending on how it’s manufactured. Stucco is laid over a wire frame to help the material adhere correctly.

There are a bunch of positives when using stucco. To start, it’s highly versatile, cost-effective, and it’s extremely durable resulting in it being a popular choice for homeowners. Below, we’re going to go into each of these in further detail to help you understand what you’ll be dealing with.

Stucco Siding is Versatile, Fire Resistant, And Durable

Stucco siding is able to be completed in either a smooth or rough texture. You’re also able to put stones or other objects in the stucco to help give it a unique appearance. Not only can you alter the texture of this siding, but you’re also able to change the color. Just add different colors directly to the mixture or paint on top of the stucco after it’s done.

What Is Stucco Siding

As a result of being manufactured from cement and plaster, stucco is extremely fire resistant. When comparing it to other options, such as wood or vinyl siding, stucco is way more efficient at killing a fire and saving a house from burning to the ground.

It’s entirely plausible for stucco siding to survive up to fifty years before it needs to be replaced. This means that a lot of houses will only need to have the exterior redone once throughout the life of the occupant at the max. A lot of people will only witness 1 stucco siding application before moving into a different residency.

It’s Also Affordable & Has Excellent Insulation

Stucco siding itself is extremely cost-effective—in fact, it’s actually 1 of the lowest cost types of siding available for purchase. It’s the application that will add to the cost and results in it being similar in price to other types of siding available. It’s difficult to install and requires specially skilled San Antonio Siding Contractors to get the job accomplished. Though this adds to the cost, it’s still an extremely reasonable type of siding.

Stucco is thicker than a lot of available siding types. It’s also manufactured from a thick substance that acts as an amazing insulator. As several layers of the substance is applied to the outer portion of the home by the end of the process, stucco is an extremely efficient insulator and it’s good at making a house much more airtight than it used to be. When you’re attempting to improve the insulation of your house, it’s logical to use stucco for your siding. You’ll even realize it gets rid of some outside noise too.

Keep In Mind There Are Some Disadvantage’s Too

There are specific places that aren’t an appropriate match for stucco siding. 1 of the primary places stucco should be avoided is in extremely wet locations. Despite being effective at repelling wetness in normal climates, extremely wet places can make the stucco become oversaturated and will quit doing its job correctly. This will result in wood and other building materials becoming damp after a while.

Stucco Siding San Antonio

Stucco is also a fairly brittle material, but this won’t be a problem for homes that stay in the same spot over time. When a home starts to shift, perhaps as a result of a sinking foundation or an earthquake, stucco can get some serious cracking. This is why stucco should be limited to super stable houses that aren’t subject to any moving. This means stucco siding probably isn’t a very good candidate for ancient homes who are going through foundation moving.

Make Sure You Maintain Your Stucco Siding

Similar to most types of siding, stucco requires maintenance to ensure it stays nice. This means you’ll need to propagate some of your time to your siding, but the amount of maintenance needed is pretty small. Tons of people frequently pressure wash stucco to get rid of any water marks and stains that show up. Small fissures will develop over time too, but they’re easy to fix with an elastomeric sealant product. These maintenance tasks rival the simple nature of vinyl and make stucco a real possibility to be one of the best types of siding today.

Stucco is a favorite insulation type around the world, but it’s only good in specific areas. Now that you understand exactly what it is along with knowing the advantages and disadvantages of stucco siding, it should be relatively easy to determine if it’s perfect for your home and situation or if you should look at other types of siding.

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