What Is Wood Siding?

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Types Of Siding

Siding is the specialized material that’s used to protect the outside of your home against heat loss and violent, dangerous weather. Exterior siding is also used to make the outside of someone’s home look more beautiful and raise the home’s value. Your home’s siding can be made out of metal, wood, masonry, plastic or composite materials. Several composite materials are used to make sidings. Some of these consist of asbestos, fiber cement, aluminum, or asphalt.

Composite siding is primarily made of genuine wood and products that look and feel like wood. Different types of siding can be used like clapboard, vertical board, shingles, horizontal lap siding, shakes, hardwood sheet, and plywood.

Are Composite Wood & Real Wood Good Siding Materials?

Composite wood siding can be purchased in different textures. This is used to help decorate the exterior of your home, garage, or shed. There are three types available – particle board, hardboard, and medium density fiberboard. The types of siding mentioned above primarily consist of different products of wood, along with cellulosic particles of different sizes.

What Is Wood Siding

These cellulosic particles are bonded together through the use of a binder or synthetic resin that’s put under excessive heat and pressure. A major drawback of medium density fiberboard, or MDF as it’s sometimes called, and particle board is the use of formaldehyde to make these boards. People don’t use formaldehyde when they’re making hardboard.

What Is Composite Wood Siding Exactly?

Composite wood siding is made using inter-felted lingo-cellulosic fibers that are put under pressure and heat. It’s also referred to as engineered siding due to the fact that it’s made from engineered wood. Some of them are Oriented strand board, veneered plywood siding, and hardboards.

This type of composite siding is an exact replica of true wood siding but under close inspection it’s easy to see that it’s not actually real wood. The cellulosic particles are uniform and as a result, it’s difficult to identify composite wood siding from original wood siding. Due to the fact that these sidings are man-made, it’s designed to meet the specific requirements of the application.

How Do You Install Wood Siding To Your House?

These sidings come as long panels. You can install these panels to the outside of your home seamlessly and easily. As a result, composite wood siding is a popular choice among many customers. There are many options when it comes to installing this type of siding as well.

Composite Wood Siding VS Wood Siding

For instance, they can be installed vertically, horizontally, and as shingles. The joints in this type of siding can be done in a tongue style, groove, or overlapped. The composite siding is able to be applied directly to the outside of the house or by sheathing that acts as a binding material between the siding and the home. The sheathing used is able to be made of engineered wood, normal wood, or the installer may suggest something different entirely.

The cost of composite siding is a lot less than siding made out of real wood. On top of that, it’s durable, weather resistant, and moisture proof. This type of siding provides you with an easy installation, a wallet-friendly price, and looks extremely nice. It’s often considered to be an alternate choice to aluminum or vinyl siding due to the fact that it looks more natural and trendy.

Composite wood siding is able to be purchased in any condition you wish. Some of these conditions are pre-primed, prefinished, or ready to paint. This helps to reduce the time and cost of the labor to have the siding put up on your house. All of these factors result in making both real wood and composite wood excellent choices to side your house with.

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